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Our team of experts has been providing Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection and Vehicle Search services since 2012. We are based in London and operate across the entire UK.

We specialise in high-performance cars, passenger cars and classic cars.

We offer the most thorough and diligent assessment of each vehicle. Our checks range from the most significant car components such as engine & transmission to the smallest defects such as scratches and dents in the paintwork.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection is the right choice for those who have already found a suitable offer and would like to have peace of mind over the car’s true condition. Just make a booking with us, and we will meticulously inspect the car and report all findings and defects to you.

Should you wish to leave the burden of searching for suitable offers and save dozens of hours travelling to unsuccessful viewings — leave it on us and choose the Comprehensive Car Search. We will carry out market analysis and send you a short list of carefully selected offers that fit your requirements most. Upon your approval, we will inspect the cars you liked until we find a technically sound example. All you have to do is instruct us on your preferences and relax while we do all the hard work for you.

Inspection Checks

Our inspections cover the Exterior, Interior, Engine, Transmission, other Technical aspects, and Paperwork of an inspected vehicle.

Please choose the desired section from the menu to see more details of what we check or access the full checklist.

We offer different packages to provide various depths of assessment; however, we aim to cover the entire vehicle and give a comprehensive view of its condition regardless of the scope.
The minimal scope of our checks significantly exceeds any vehicle health check commonly provided by main dealers.

We use a tailored approach to every make and model and, in most cases, use model-specific dealer level diagnostic equipment allowing us to see thousands of engineering parameters
Porsche – PIWIS Tester
Mercedes-Benz – Xentry/STAR Diagnose
Rolls-Royce/BMW/MINI – ISTA/INPA Rheingold
Bentley/Audi/VW/SEAT/Skoda – VCDS/ODIS
Other makes ­– Launch X431 Scanner

Following the inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report containing 100–200 high quality pictures and several videos, a written description of technical condition, bodywork, aesthetics as well as interior condition, mileage consistency, and paperwork appraisal.

We are not trading cars, and our mission is not to ‘sell’ you the car. Hence our report is mainly focused on defects, issues and anything that can prevent you from happy motoring and retaining the resale value of your new car.

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