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We are a team of car enthusiasts with extensive experience in vehicle assessment. Our company, Mint Condition, was initially established in 2012 in Russia, whose market is infamous for its used cars. Plenty of shady cars for sale in the Russian market gave incentive for a huge demand for car inspection services. Being technically-minded and excellently experienced in inspecting cars, we formed a team of professionals which ensured the following success of our company, transforming Mint Condition into a well-known brand in Russia famous for the outstanding quality of our services. Since then, a part of our team relocated to the UK, and we subsequently decided to expand our business to the UK market.

Most of our team earned their qualifications while working for main car dealers and independent specialists, others came from motorsport. We always share our competences, and this allows all of us to have outstanding technical expertise in identification of different faults and defects within vehicles.

While performing our inspections for many years, we developed our own methodology that is designed to reveal even the most hidden or unobvious faults and discrepancies. To achieve this, we employ the most advanced digital equipment for our inspections and combine it with simple yet extremely efficient tools. Our broad experience on top of state-of-the-art equipment allows us to highlight the true condition of an assessed vehicle and meet the highest standards of inspection.

Why is Vehicle Inspection service essential for used car buyers?

The current practice of recording a vehicle’s history is, undoubtedly, an excellent and useful feature, which definitely has a potential to simplify the process of buying a used car. However, unfortunately, this practice gave birth to a number of shifty techniques of hiding the genuine vehicle’s history from being shown in, for instance, an HPI report. The range of techniques includes an illegal practice of reducing mileage just before MOT in order for it to look more consistent later on or damage recording avoidance by means of not making an insurance claim and failure to report damage to an insurer and many others. And, of course, one should consider a lack of history in case of imported cars. Not to mention the fact that even a perfectly and accurately recorded history does not guarantee that there are no recently developed defects within an engine, gearbox or chassis.

One should also consider that while HPI only shows the recorded bits of vehicle’s history, our inspection indicates the actual condition and – it’s important – allows us to estimate the current degree of wear, hence gives an idea of future running costs as well as a potential for common failures.

Below you can find some figures representing our performance

  • Inspections performed6,343
  • Successful selections784
  • Cancelled inspections84
  • Complaints5

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