The report is sent as a link to cloud-based storage, and it includes several parts – written Inspection Report, Visual Materials and Fault Report Protocol. Depending on the inspection package and extras, it can also include additional documents such as Extractions from databases, Factory specifications, Diagnostic protocols for additional assessments etc.

The first part is a written Inspection Report describing all inspected areas and listing identified defects in corresponding sections. The Inspection Report also gives individual recommendations on expected associated risks and further assessments if applicable.

Each section, and the entire vehicle, are given a subjective grade on a ten-point grading scale. An assigned grade depends on the severity of identified defects, impact on the driveability and safety, associated risks and the potential cost of rectification or value drop.

Sections covered by the Inspection Report:
Bodywork & Aesthetics
Suspension & Chassis
Brakes & Wheels
Electrics & Electronics
Road Test

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