In case you have already chosen a particular car and would like to get it inspected before buying, our Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection in the UK would be a perfect fit.

We normally accept bookings for next day inspections if a vehicle is within the 100-mile radius from London. Short-notice bookings for same day inspections are possible subject to availability.

Should you wish to speak to our team, you can do so via
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Email [email protected]
Phone +44 7710 867 321

Please let us know the vehicle location postcode, make, model and year. We will be happy to discuss and offer available inspection packages or even tailor them to your requirements.


Used cars inspection cost starts from £200 in London

Inspections outside of London are priced individually based on the exact vehicle location (postcode). Please feel free to send us the postcode via WhatsApp for an exact quotation

We can travel anywhere in the UK and Continental Europe 

Vehicle Inspection in London£200
Written-off cars (Cat C, D, S, N, total loss)+£100 surcharge
ECU Mileage verification for VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda cars+£50

The following guide prices apply for various areas for standard inspections without additional works.

AreaGuide Inspection Cost
Birmingham£320 – £370
Southampton£270 – £310
Peterborough£290 – £330
Northampton £270 – £310
Sheffield£380 – £420
Manchester£420 – £470
Newcastle upon Tyne £500 – £530
Edinburgh£620 – £660

Inspection steps explained

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1. Booking
First, all details of an upcoming inspection are agreed with you, such as the inspection location, date and time and inspection scope.

We would need certain vehicle details for the booking – year, make, model and registration, and your details such as your full name and email address for invoicing.

Please let us know in advance if you are attending the inspection – we will reserve extra 15 minutes to explain all findings to you and address your questions.

2. Invoice & Payment
Upon agreeing all details, we will issue an invoice and send it to you via email together with our T&C applicable to the service provided.

We expect you to arrange a full payment by the due date&time stated in the invoice.
If we don’t receive the payment by the due date, your booking will be cancelled and the time slot re-allocated to another client.

Please note that we only accept pre-payment in full for our services.

3. Inspection
We will carry out an inspection on the agreed date and time.
Most commonly, our inspections take between 1.5 and 2.5 hrs, depending on the chosen package and actual vehicle condition.

While we use every effort to be on time at each booking, we kindly ask for your understanding in case of unpredictable road traffic conditions.
In rare cases of extreme circumstances when our expert is going to be late by more than 45mins, we will do our best to contact you ASAP to agree further actions.

4. Reporting
We aim to issue the report as soon as possible, and normally we send it out the day after the inspection is completed.
Should your circumstances require earlier reporting, please let us know in advance to make sure we can match your deadlines.

Our report is sent as a link to cloud-based storage and consists of the following:
• Written report describing all identified defects and brief recommendations
• Fault report showing recorded fault codes in control units at the time of inspection
• Visual pack typically consisting of 70-150 high-quality pictures and several videos as appropriate showing various aspects of an inspected vehicle in great details

After reading the report and reviewing the visual materials, you are welcome to ask any questions. We will do our best to address all of them.


We guarantee that all our inspections are carried out impartially with due care and thoroughness; that our reports and opinion are unbiased and completely independent.

While our inspections are extremely detailed and meticulous, a certain unpredictable risk of deeply hidden defects still exists. Unfortunately, they cannot be assessed without the full disassembly of a vehicle. Please remember that all checks reveal the inspected element’s condition up to a certain reasonable degree and involve probabilistic matters by nature.

Due to the above, we do not carry any liabilities with respect to any existing or future defects that might happen to the inspected vehicle, and we do not provide a warranty against defects or failures.

The report contents should be treated as an accurate and fair description of vehicle defects to the best of our knowledge following a comprehensive list of checks.


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1. We only accept prepayment in full for our inspections
2. Standard inspection packages do not include extra services such as removal/dismantling of any parts or additional tests
3. In case an inspection does not take place due to a vendor’s no-show or a vehicle in question is not available for any reason while our expert has already arrived, the inspection is deemed completed, and no refund is provided.
4. If an inspection is cancelled more than 3 hours before the agreed time, the inspection fee will be refunded in full
5. If a vehicle becomes available for inspection later than 30 minutes after the agreed time, we will charge you a pro rata fee of £100 per hour after the first 30 minutes of waiting subject to your instruction.
6. A brief verbal summary is available upon request shortly after the inspection is completed
7. If we find traces of substantial structural and irreversible damage or tampering with markings during an inspection, we reserve the right to stop the inspection since such a vehicle should be avoided at all costs. However, this does not reduce the inspection fee

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