The Comprehensive Car Search service is designed to remove most of the hassle from a used car buying process. We take on us the searches, creation of short lists of suitable offers, contacting sellers, enquiries, arranging inspections and inspecting vehicles until we find a suitable one. The Comprehensive Car Search saves you dozens of hours and gives access to expert knowledge of the professional team at the same time.

While giving you control over the process, we keep your hassle down to a minimum.

Search Steps Explained

1. Agreeing the requirements
Please let us know your initial requirements for the desired car and any additional thoughts that you think are relevant. We will discuss it with you in more details, followed by initial market research and return to you with our comments, suggestions and estimates of success.
Note: We can only work with cars currently offered on the market, so please be realistic in your price expectations. Most commonly, good quality cars are sitting at least in the upper middle of the market.
We reserve the right to refuse this service if we believe the requirements are unrealistic or the chances of success are extremely low.

2. Invoice & Payment
Upon agreeing all requirements and search strategy, we will issue an invoice and send it to you via email together with our T&C applicable to the service provided.

We expect you to arrange the payment on or before the due date stated in the invoice.

Please note that we only accept pre-payment in full for our services.

3. Searches
In 1-2 days after the search has launched, you will receive an initial short list of suitable and potentially interesting offers in .xlsx (MS Excel) format assessed against your requirements. You are expected to thoroughly review them and give your feedback, particularly on offers that you don’t like – it will give us crucial information on what to look for and what to avoid. It is a good time to introduce any amendments to the requirements should you feel the need to. We will also advise on the impact of any amendments to the search.

Upon reviewing the short list, we expect you to mark all offers as ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ so that we can proceed with further assessment.

We will contact a seller for the offers you favoured and ask additional questions as well as agree a potential inspection date if we are satisfied with their answers.

You will be then asked to approve or refuse the inspection considering all the information that we have so far before proceeding any further.

In case further inspection is agreed upon, we go and physically inspect the car.
If the results are negative, we will send you a brief description of identified defects within 3-4 hours after the inspection.
In case of a positive inspection result, we will contact you immediately after the inspection, explaining the results and introducing you to the seller to secure the highest chances of reserving the car for you. The full written report will be issued as soon as possible but not later than 24 hours after the inspection.

You will be then expected to arrange a viewing with the seller to make sure you are satisfied with the car in all aspects and make the purchase.

Should you require our assistance and presence during the viewing and purchase process, please let us know. It would be a separate additional service outside of the Search service, and we will provide a separate quote accordingly.

The service is deemed completed as soon as we find a car that successfully passed our inspection without major defects, a full written inspection report has been provided, and we have introduced you to the seller.

Results And Our Guarantee

We guarantee that the search and inspections are carried out impartially with due care and thoroughness, and that our reports and opinion are unbiased and completely independent.

While our inspections are extremely detailed and meticulous, a certain unpredictable risk of deeply hidden defects still exists. Unfortunately, they cannot be assessed without the full disassembly of a vehicle. Please remember that all checks reveal the inspected element’s condition up to a certain reasonable degree and involve probabilistic matters by nature.
Due to the above, we do not carry any liabilities with respect to any existing or future defects that might happen to the inspected vehicle, and we do not provide a warranty against defects or failures.
The report contents should be treated as an accurate and fair description of vehicle defects to the best of our knowledge following a comprehensive list of checks.

Important Terms Of Service

1. Only inspections within a 60-mile radius from London qualify for this service. More distant locations would be considered as individual inspections
2. The search length is limited by three months. There is a maximum of 10 inspections included in the package. We always ask for your approval before each inspection commences
3. The search is deemed completed when we find a vehicle that has been approved for inspection by you and qualify as ‘Recommended for purchase’ following the inspection
4. Brief reports are provided within 2-3 hours after the inspection is completed. When we find a suitable example, we will contact you immediately after the inspection to secure the highest chances of purchase and prepare a full report the next day
5. Should you decide to cancel the search, we will amend the invoice and charge you individually only for those inspections that took place by the time of cancellation at £120 each, and the market research fee of £100 would be added
6. We only accept prepayment in full for our services
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