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Unit and Component Inspection

From £100

Frequently it is cheaper to swap some faulty component for a serviceable used one, rather than carry out repairs or buy a brand new unit. Usually, this is the case for engines and gearboxes. Unfortunately, sellers frequently do not provide full and accurate information on the condition of a component they are selling.

Should you wish to have an added peace of mind, we are here to help in inspecting component’s condition. With respect to engines we are able to perform endoscopic inspection, leak test and visual assessment. In case of gearboxes, we perform backlash test and visual assessment. These tests allow us to assume the condition of an inspected component and to estimate its condition.

What we examine

  • Visual appearence
  • Backlash
  • Oil deposits under the oil fill cap
  • Cylinder and piston condition using endoscopy
  • Valves, ports and deposits in the intake manifold
  • Spark plugs wear and condition
  • Oil condition
  • Assumed mileage and wear
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Damages due to improper handling

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