Checklist: Buyer's questions

Sometimes a car looks fantastic in the ad and gives no reasons to doubt. We strongly advise against rushing to buy this car immediately. It is always worth paying extra attention and investing 15 minutes in a phone call to a vendor to ask them a few questions regarding vehicle's history and condition. This will give you a better understanding whether it is worth spending many hours for viewing the car personally or not. Please remember that if the vendor answers inadequately, refuses to talk to you, cannot answer even very basic questions, flounders about his answers, or if a new person answers every single time you make further calls, the chances are dropping dramatically that you would see a car in mint condition sold by the first owner when you arrive.

In order to avoid possible disappointments and a waste of time, we would like to share the following list of questions to ask the vendor. We advise to stay calm and polite during the phone call and never agree to place a deposit over the phone before seeing the car in person.

  1. Who is the registered keeper of the car? (If a person you are talking to is not a registered keeper, you should pay extra attention)
  2. Does the car have outstanding finance on it?
  3. How many previous owners are recorded in V5C?
  4. Does the car have full service history?
  5. Where was the car normally serviced?
  6. When is the car due for the next service?
  7. What is currently damaged in the car?
  8. Are there any mechanical failures or faults?
  9. Has the car been involved in any accidents?

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