Guide: How To Buy a Car

We hope you have considered our Guide: How to choose a perfect Car and Checklist: Buyer’s Questions prior to agreeing the sale. Now you have checked the car, the paperwork and happy with both, you finished negotiations with the seller, and now it’s time to make a deal.

Please find below the checklist of everything you need to consider

  1. Fill and print out 2 copies of Vehicle Purchase Contract
    (link to contract template will be added later)
  2. Sign the contract by both parties
  3. Update the Vehicle Log Book (V5C)

    • Complete section 6 of the V5C (‘new keeper or new name/new address details’)
    • Sign the declaration in section 8
    • Fill in section 10 of the V5C (‘new keeper supplement’) and keep it with a buyer - this section is also known as the V5C/2
    • Send the V5C to DVLA
    • Alternatively, the seller can do it online

    • Register the vehicle to you online
    • Fill in section 10 (‘new keeper supplement’) and give it to a buyer - this section is also known as the V5C/2
    • Destroy the rest of V5C
  4. Check that the vehicle has valid MOT (Direct Link to GOV.UK service)
    If the MOT has run out you only can take your vehicle to a pre-arranged MOT test appointment
  5. Tax the vehicle (Direct Link to GOV.UK service)
    Vehicle tax is not transferred to you upon sale. You need to tax the vehicle before driving it or declare it SORN
  6. Arrange a motor insurance
    Third party insurance is the legal minimum to drive your vehicle on UK roads

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