Quite regularly, a car looks fantastic in the ad and gives no reasons to doubt on the face of it. We strongly advise against rushing to buy such a car immediately. It is always worth paying extra attention and investing 15 minutes in calling a vendor to ask them a few questions regarding vehicle's history and condition. It will give you a better understanding of whether it is worth spending several hours for viewing the car personally or not. Please remember that if a vendor answers inadequately, avoids specific questions, cannot answer even very basic questions or gets confused with their answers, the chances are dramatically slim that you would see a mint car when you arrive.

To avoid possible disappointments and a waste of time, we share the basic list of buyer’s questions. We advise you to stay calm and polite during a phone call and never agree to place a deposit over the phone before seeing the car in person.

  1. Does the seller have a V5C registration document for the car?
  2. Are there any notes recorded in V5C regarding substantial damage or insurance write-offs?
  3. Ask to list all service records with dates, mileages and garage type
    Main dealer/Independent
  4. When is the car due for the next service?
  5. Does the car have any outstanding finance on it?
  6. Ask to list all visible damage to bodywork & paintwork
  7. Are there any mechanical defects or faults?
  8. Are there any obviously resprayed panels?
    Ask to list all
  9. In case of private sellers: Are you the registered keeper of the car?
    If a person you are talking to is not a registered keeper, you should pay extra attention