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Expert Pre-Purchase Inspection

From £100

If you have already decided on a particular vehicle that you are keen on buying and would like it to be inspected, our Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection would be a perfect fit. To arrange an inspection, we kindly ask you to send an email to info@mintco.uk. Please make sure that your email contains a link to an online ad or location postcode, your instructions and comments, and, finally, your name and contact details. We aim to respond to enquiries within an hour.

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Please note some important terms of our services

  1. The £100 offer is valid for standard inspections not including extra services and locations within London M25, while more distant locations would incur an additional travel fee. Please email us the location postcode for the precise quotation
  2. We only accept prepayment in full for our inspections
  3. Standard inspection fee does not include optional extra services such as extended ECU analysis or removal/dismantling of any parts
  4. In case an inspection does not take place due to a vendor's no-show or requested vehicle is not available for any reason while our expert has already arrived, the amount of £50 will be refunded
  5. If an inspection is cancelled more than 3 hours before the agreed time, the amount paid will be refunded in full
  6. If a vehicle becomes available for inspection later than 30 minutes after the agreed time, we will charge you a pro rata fee of £100 per hour after the first 30 minutes of waiting
  7. A verbal summary is availaible upon request shortly after the inspection is completed
  8. If we find traces of substantial structural and irreversible damage or tampering with markings during inspection, we will stop the inspection, since such vehicle should be avoided at all costs. However, this does not reduce the inspection fee

  9. Optional extras

    1. Extended ECU analysis – From £50 depending on the model. Please contact us for details
    2. Engine endoscopy – From £100 depending on the model. Please contact us for details
    3. Undercarriage examination – From £50 depending on available facilities
    4. Other optional tests are priced individually depending on the vehicle
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