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Comprehensive Vehicle Search


In order to instruct us on your requirements, please kindly fill a short form and send it to info@mintco.uk. We will perform extensive market research and return to you with our comments and estimates of success.

We will also advise whether we are ready to meet your requirements and suggest possible adjustments to your request if needed.

During the searches, we will update you on available vehicle offers matching your specified details, and we expect you to approve or decline further inspection. It is simple and straightforward like that - you either 'Like' or 'Dislike' each option we picked for you. Only after that, we move on with those offers you liked and make phone calls to vendors to source some additional information. If answers given by a vendor are satisfactory, we proceed with an inspection.

In the course of a search, we will constantly keep in touch with you to ensure that you are always updated on the progress.

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Please note some important terms of our services

  1. Only inspections within 60-mile radius from London qualify for this service. More distant locations would be considered as individual inspections
  2. We do not limit the length of search process. However, there is a maximum of 12 inspections included in the package. We always ask for your approval before each inspection commences
  3. The search is deemed completed when we find a vehicle, which fits your requirements and qualify as 'Recommended for purchase' following the inspection
  4. Brief reports are provided within 2-3 hours after the inspection is completed. When we find a suitable example, we will contact you immediately after the inspection to secure the highest chances of purchase and prepare a full report the next day.
  5. Should you decide to cancel the search, we will amend the invoice and charge you individually only for those inspections that took place by the time of cancellation, and the market research fee of £100 would be added.
  6. We only accept prepayment in full for our services
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