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We provide Vehicle Inspection and Searching Services to clients willing to buy a car. We offer the most thorough and diligent assessment of each vehicle. Our Inspection ranges from the most significant components of a car to the smallest defects such as scratches and dents.

Full Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection is a choice for those, who already picked their perfect car and found a suitable offer. You would need to provide the vehicle details to us, and we will carry out an inspection in order to assess the condition of a particular car. We will then report all the findings and defects to you. All you need to do after that is to decide whether you are happy to buy the car or not. On the side, our report can be a valid reason for price negotiation.

If you only have an idea of what car you want and prefer to save dozens of hours on searching the market and travelling for viewings - just leave it on us and simply choose the Comprehensive Search & Inspections. We will perform an initial market analysis and send you a short list of carefully selected cars that fit your requirements most. Upon your approval, we perform Inspections of those cars you liked until we find a pristine example. All you have to do is instruct us on your preferences and relax while we do all the hard work for you.

Vehicle inspection services are in high demand nowadays as they were never before. Unfortunately, the current widespread practice of hiding defects, correcting car's mileage (clocking) and poor servicing leads to a situation when up to ¾ of cars on the market are having substantial but not so obvious issues. We want our clients to be aware of any existing or potential issues with the car before a purchase takes place.

It is the case sometimes when even a brand new car has damage occurred while being delivered to a dealer. We have seen dealers trying to disguise the damage by way of repairing affected parts. Minor damage frequently may remain undiscovered by both the dealer and the buyer until it is too late. In this case, we can assist you in taking delivery and perform Inspection to make sure your new car is pristine.

The purpose of our Inspections is to identify and highlight the true condition of each vehicle and to let the buyer make an informed decision.

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Is your car due for collection after repairs? We can offer a quality assessment of repair works. It is indeed impossible to achieve the same levels of quality as those set within manufacturer's mass-production facilities. But it is extremely easy to fall below any reasonable standards in case of repairs carried out by poorly-skilled personnel. Unfortunately, this is the case way too often across the UK, especially when we consider body repairs and resprays. In order to avoid paying huge bills for repairs of poor quality, we recently introduced the independent assessment of repair works.

We also provide used engines and gearbox checks in case you are willing to buy one of those.

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